Arguing is Pointless

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Originally Published in Harvard Business Review

It was lunchtime and the seven of us — two kids and five adults — would be in the car for the next three hours as we drove from New York City to upstate Connecticut for the weekend.

We decided to get some takeout at a place on the corner of 8th and Broadway. I pulled along the curb and ran in to get everyone’s orders.

In no time, Isabelle, my eight year old, came running in the restaurant.

Daddy! Come quick! The police are giving you a ticket!

I ran outside.

“Wait, don’t write the ticket, I’ll move it right away,” I offered.

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  • jJoniJJ

    This was an interesting article, I agree, it is pointless for men to argue.

  • jJoniJJ

    Arguing with women is energizing, intellectually dynamic… it is the heart and soul of radical feminist discourse. Get together with a group of trusted women and it’s truly amazing how enlightening argument is…. I don’t think it is worthwhile arguing with men because they generally aren’t up to speed on the topic, they can bash your head in, and they get violent. I’ve never had a woman threaten me with any harm whatsoever in the heart of a dramatic and mind blowing argument. I don’t think men realize just how scary they really are, and just how violent they appear to a lot of women.
    It’s something I don’t see men owning up to very often, and that’s why I really don’t think arguing with men is safe at all for women.