Amazing Picture about Faith

Ever since I found out how small a mustard seed actually was, I’ve been obsessed with them. It really, really puts Jesus’ words about faith into perspective. Here’s a picture I took last night from my phone of a mustard seed next to my pinky. It’s just amazing stuff.

I ask myself all of the time… “Do I have enough bold faith to continue doing the Lord’s will?”

Much of the time I don’t think I do. And yet, that picture shows a mustard seed in all of its glory. Crazy to think about. Crazy to realize how much faith we don’t have because we don’t think possible. And yet Jesus says it is. Is it strange that I believe Jesus’ words to be true and not some type of obscure allegory? A reality.

He said that those who have a child-like faith will inherit the Kingdom of God. I intently focus everyday on that type of faith. You’re not going to make me cynical. Nope. Many call me naive. Uninformed. Idealistic.


Go on and move mountains.

I know I’m trying to have enough faith to do so.

Much love.

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