Bruno Mars Captures the Powerful Message of Jesus

My wife was listening to this song, Grenade, by Bruno Mars recently. She looked over at me and said:

“Listen to the words, Andrew. Doesn’t this just perfectly describe the messge of Jesus?”

Yes; yes it does. Who knew?

Powerful stuff.

Much love.

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  • Heidi

    I have often thought the very same thing when hearing that song on the radio. Humbling.

  • JJJonij

    Wow, I thought the song was about a pathological boyfriend, who expected his girlfriend to be just as obsessive and messed up as he was. He seemed like a controlling stalker to me, violent…. grendes, getting shot through the head, and expecting the woman to do something just as self-destructive. Honestly, pop songs that straight men sing about love… this was one of the creepiest. I hope the girlfriend escaped this boy in the end.

  • Robert

    Our youth group listened to this song as an example of eros and agape, and also Jesus’ love for us all. JJJonij, we didn’t get the creepy vibe, BUT at the end when he says after it all he’d still catch that grenade, it does seem rather…unhealthy. Unless it’s Jesus, I guess. 😉

  • JJJonij

    The line of reasoning in that song Robert is very much about male possession of women, and there is a lot of literature about men who abuse and control their wives with this kind of “dying” expectation. It’s so common among straight male pop music culture that it often passes for love. It’s actually pathology in the form of song.
    Men often kill their wives first, and then kill themselves, for example. Or they’ll kill their entire family and then themselves. I can’t think of a single song written by a woman that had this kind pathological idea. Pop music and that industry produces the fashion of violence against women, or the demands that women love men in the same demented fashion. It’s horrifying to say the least when I hear this stuff all over the place.

  • Whatever

    Kind of says a lot when someone can hear a song about a mentally unstable, inconsistent, potentially violent obsessive and think “Wow, sure reminds me of Jesus!”

  • Whatever

    Well now I just feel terrible. I read your other posts and it turns out you’re just the nicest guy and I was a huge dick to you.

    There are several ways I could go about this: either go all in and become the greatest villain ever and allow you to destroy me, like in that one Dune book I read the synopsis of on wikipedia (which might take several thousand years, if Frank Herbert is to be believed) or just say “I was a dick, oh wow.”

    Probably gonna go with the latter, I guess.