Humbled by Mention from LGBT website

The LGBT site MyOutSpirit recently wrote a really special (in my mind) article comparing The Marin Foundation’s work in the neighborhood of Boystown to a number of other incarnational organizations focused on love, including Mother Teresa’s work in India. You can read the full article here.

MyOutSpirit gets us. They see that we’re here in Boystown not trying to change anyone’s orientation, but rather living out our faith as best as we know how – through Jesus in love. It’s not our job to convict or judge … it’s ours to love. Thanks MyOutSpirit for recognizing that and being bold enough to say it as well.

Much love.

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  • wackywilliams

    thank you Andrew for this post! I’m so glad they reconise the good work your doing & it also helped me with ideals on how to reach out in my community, I’m planning a outreach at a drag show at the local bar. & have been trying to reserch everything & anything for advice on how to reach out effectively & not turn people off. I. had thought of trying a hookup sight but had been nervous that it wouldn’t. be effective.