March 21st Living in the Tension

March 21st Living in the Tension March 21, 2011

We will be hosting a Living in the Tension Community gathering tonight at 7pm and will be screening Almost Myself: Reflections on Mending & Transcending Gender. The movie features the filmmaker’s interviews with a number of transgender women as it relates to their experiences with transitioning (medical, relational, spiritual, etc.) and glimpses into their unfolding journeys as trans women. We will be meeting in Room 120 at 5255 N. Ashland Avenue.

Much love.

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  • Andrew: Are you going to do your live chats anymore? It seems like forever since you’ve hosted one.

    • We’re planning on starting those up again soon. We stopped them because we were getting a lot of people signing on who didn’t care about “chatting” but only cared about calling everyone on the chat names. I wanted to give time for that to die down and then start them up again. We’re in the process of figuring out how to block people if it happens again, to safeguard everyone’s time on the chat.

    • PS Jon – this documentary was amazing!

      • It sounded interesting. Unfortunately, going to LIT isn’t really an option from here. I’ll have to check that documentary out when I get a chance.

        • Yeah, I know it’s too far. We’re actually trying to look into live broadcasting the LITT’s. The only sticking point is the privacy of those involved and how we would work that out (consent, etc?). We don’t know…