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Here is another poem by our great friend Karen Bowlby. “I believe in God. Not just any God – Not that anything goes, Spiritual but not religious, Politically correct, Don’t want to offend anyone Anything but the God you think of when I say God – You know – the one that hates abortion, Fags, [Read More…]

Filming our New DVD Project

For the rest of this week we (and LGBT friends of ours we’re bringing in to speak) will be filming our new DVD project with Zondervan! Please pray for us to clearly communicate this bridge building message (and for the weather!). Looking forward to giving updates… Much love. [Read more…]

Monday May 23 Living in the Tension

For tonight’s Living in the Tension gathering, Jennifer Carr will be joining us as a guest speaker to share about her journey with her gender diverse child. Jennifer is an author, blogger, public speaker, and advocate for gender diverse individuals. She is the proud mother of a child who started to socially transition to live into [Read More…]

Preaching in Chicago Sunday Morning (5/22)

If you’re in or around Chicago, I’ll be preaching (Psalm 118:8-17) at First Evangelical Free Church. The service starts at 10am. The address is: 5255 N. Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60640 For those not in Chicago, I’m sure they will be recording it so when it’s posted I’ll post it as well. Much love. [Read more…]

Drat! No Rapture. We’re All Still Here…

Bummer. It’s now officially past 6pm Central Time and I’m (and everyone I know in person or via the web, or everyone I’ve ever heard of) is still here. I really had my hopes set on Heaven! Looks like I’ll just have to refocus my hope once again on what it means to live the [Read More…]

I’m Getting Raptured in an Hour, So This is My Last Ever Post

Well, if prediction holds true, this is my last hour on earth before I get raptured. I hope you get raptured too! I’ve really been looking forward to this day. Seriously. I have. Ever since that old guy told everyone the exact time and date of Jesus’ return, I’ve set my calendar to make sure [Read More…]

Work of The Marin Foundation featured on cover of Heretic Press

There’s a bold young man named Charles Peters – from Liberty University none the less – that created Heretic Press. It was originally supposed to be a project for one of his classes, but through the wonders of the fluency of college students’ use of the interwebs, it has quickly taken off into so much [Read More…]

Live on Frank Pastore Show Tonight (5/12)

Tonight, May 12th at 8pm Central, I will be live on America’s most listened to Christian radio program – The Frank Pastore Show. You can listen live here. Much love. [Read more…]

When Straight Christians use Gays only when its Convenient for Them

News broke yesterday when the leading progressive Christian organization, Sojourners, denied an interdenominational LGBT organization, Believe Out Loud, the ability to pay for ad space to run an ad that asks churches to welcome LGBT people and their families (just welcome, not ordinate or promote gay marriage or anything….just welcome them into your churches). You [Read More…]

Tuesday May 10 Living in the Tension

On Tuesday, May 10th, we will be meeting at 4003 N. Kenmore Ave. Apt. 3 in Chicago at 6:30pm to watch ‘Becoming Chaz’ and ‘Our America with Lisa Ling: Transgender Lives’. We’re going to grab a bite to eat there before watching ‘Transgender Lives’ at 7pm and then ‘Becoming Chaz’ as it is premiering on Oprah’s [Read More…]