Work of The Marin Foundation featured on cover of Heretic Press

There’s a bold young man named Charles Peters – from Liberty University none the less – that created Heretic Press. It was originally supposed to be a project for one of his classes, but through the wonders of the fluency of college students’ use of the interwebs, it has quickly taken off into so much more than that in its content and extreme popularity!

On the second “official” issue, the work of The Marin Foundation is featured as the cover story. In there Charles asked me to talk about some stuff that I don’t really speak too much about in public. But I thought, whatever, let’s just keep it real and do this thing.

You can find the full issue in PDF here

You can find the overview of Heretic Press with its past issue here

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. I sincerely pray that Charles and Heretic Press continue being a much needed voice of those who ride the edge of the American sub-culture of Christianity!

Much love.

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  • Sam from San Diego

    Great interview, Andrew! Of the ones I’ve read or heard, this was the best.

    Critics are hard to take. I’ve heard lots of people explain how they respond to critics. The best I’ve ever heard was Tony Campolo’s explanation on Steve Brown Etc. yesterday, May 20. It’s like in the last half of the show, where he tells the exact words of the letter he sends his critics (would also work for e-mails or whatever).

    The meanest, nastiest people I know say they are Christians. Many of my LGBT friends report the same thing. I don’t understand that. My wife says they are just mean, nasty people who hide behind the Bible and the Christian label to supposedly “justify” they way they behave. I’m suspicious she’s on to something.

    We support you and what you’re doing.

  • Drew

    Great interview, Andrew.

    Thanks for, well, caring so much.