6/21 Living in the Tension

We will be gathering tonight to prepare for our presence at the Chicago Pride Parade. If you plan on attending the parade with us, we ask that you come by the gathering on 5255 N. Ashland Ave. in Room 120 at 7pm. If you ordered a t-shirt for the event, you can pick it up tonight at the gathering.

Much love.


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  • Hi. I just found your site and have been looking around just a little bit. (Found it through Jesus Needs New PR) Just want to say I love it. Great to read the things that you’re posting.
    Take care!

  • SheilaG

    Hey New York legislature… gay and lesbian marriage is now “legal” in the state of NY! Whadayaknow! Pictures in front of the Stonewall in are just precious. A few republicans joined in the vote to justice. I never thought I’d see the day when republicans legislators spoke up for justice. Marin folks, you’ve just fallen farther behind in the gay marriage issue. You’re going to look very very foolish 10 years from now.

  • Mrs T

    Sheila: How do you know how the Marin folks think on gay marriage? They have a policy on not opining on certain issues as that usually stops the dialogue that builds bridges. I’m sure that the “Mariners” have all kinds of opinions on the topic. One of Andrew’s good friends is a married gay guy in Iowa. You will see him here regularly.
    Please, let’s not hinder the bridge-building that Andrew & his group are doing!