Video: Sexuality and the Emergent Church

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While at Wild Goose Festival, the Odyssey Network asked me, and a few others, some questions regarding an analysis of the intersection of sexuality, LGBT issues and the emergent church. Here is what they found…

Do you think progressive Christianity today must stand with the LGBT community, otherwise they will be nothing other than a new form of fundamentalism?

Much love.

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  • This is a good video and I’m thankful you posted it. Someday I hope to be able to attend one of these events and just sit and listen and observe and learn.

    I’m concerned with labels. I’m concerned that we (Christians) are labeling ourselves into such a fragmented state that we will be so weakened as to cease to be relevant in the world. There are some who already view the “church” as irrelevant. Jay Bakker said something very interesting in this video. He said, “once again we’re the tail light.” That’s a very strong indicator, almost an indictment, of who and what the church has become. We seem to always be on the rear end. Rather than lighting the path forward, our purpose is only to warn anyone behind us that we’ve stopped…again! And, I wonder if our seemingly incessant desire to label ourselves isn’t part and parcel of why we are on the tail end of progress?

    What if we all agreed today that we would no longer be “progressive Christians” or members of a “fundamentalist” denomination or part of the “emergent” church? What if we all agreed to simply be the Body of Christ? I wonder what impact that would have on not only us, but on the world. What if rather than trying to figure out which person belonged to which sect, we layed down our lives, opened our arms and were “Crucified with Christ”?

    I understand that we live in a world of labels and that sometimes they help identify important aspects of how we view the world and how we respond to others. However, I fear that in labeling ourselves, Christians are guilty of straying so far from the path set forth by Christ, that we are indentified only by the label and not by our faith! How will they know we are Christians? They will know we are Christians by….the label we wear? God forbid!

    “They will know we are Christians by our love.”

    Please understand I am not demeaning or diminishing the goals of this or any other festival, conference, lecture series, etc…not at all! What I am asking is rather than focusing on “Sexuality and the Emergent Church” would we not serve our faith better to focus on the Body of Christ and its attitude and actions toward “the last, the least and the lost.”

    As always, Andrew — thanks for what you do and for being sensitive to the Voice of God!