August 6: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


To Dishonor Jesus #1: Give the proper tithe and think that satisfies the call to being a faithful follower of Jesus. Luke 11:42

To Dishonor Jesus #2: Entitlement to power, privilege and status—and the recognition that comes with those things. Luke 11:43

To Dishonor Jesus #3: That you do so little with you faith you might as well be dead. Luke 11:44

To Dishonor Jesus #4: Oppress the weak while basking in your own position over them. Luke 11:46

To Dishonor Jesus #5: Enable or cover up lies and injustice under the cloak of religion. For that, you will be held responsible. Luke 11:47-51

To Dishonor Jesus #6: Keep to yourself the knowledge, power and influence that have been given freely to you by God. Luke 11:52

Much love.

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