August 7: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


When people don’t like what you truthfully say to them, they 1) Get mad at you, and 2) Try to trap you so you will be the one who looks stupid, not them. Luke 11:53-54

Large crowds continue to go out of their way to gather because you are either a spectacle or someone with something profound enough to listen to. Luke 12:1a

A lie about you will always spread quicker, and more thorough, than a truth. Luke 12:1b

Much love.

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  • Steven

    When people don’t like what you truthfully say to them, they 1) try to change the subject to avoid giving direct answers to direct questions and 2) try to claim the moral high ground and make themselves appear ever so holy by quoting Bible verses at you.

    Large crowds continue to go out of their way to gather when they have a spectacle to gawp at. And what could be more spectacular than publicly apologising for all the sins of the Church at pride parades? Not really a very profound gesture of course, but exactly the kind of cheap publicity stunt guaranteed to get you a few seconds of media coverage and your name pushed to the top of any Google search involving the words “gay” and “Christian”. Especially if it involves depraved half-naked gay boys falling into your saintly Christ-like arms for that perfect photo-op. If you make everyone tear up then they’ll be too busy wiping their eyes to ask the really difficult questions, now won’t they?

    The truth about you will always come out in the end because your attempts at manipulation are just so second-rate, poorly executed and obvious. All it takes is someone willing to look beyond the surface shine of your pretty words and analyse their real implications and see that you’re no friend to the LGBT community. In fact you’re the worst kind of enemy, one who smiles and feigns love and understanding, the better to put us at our ease so you can slip the knife in when we least expect it.

    But we’re not all quite so easily fooled. I feel sorry for those who have been, but the LGBT community as a whole has been warned against you by Messrs. Signorile and Savage, for which I sincerely thank them. My only regret in all of this is that you’ve succeeded in tainting the notion of Christian outreach for an entire generation of LGBT individuals. If ever there’s a real attempt to foster understanding and reconciliation in the future, it’s going to meet with a lot of resistance because of you. And for that, I think you’ll have to answer directly to God. Good luck. You’re going to need it, I think.


    • Kevin Harris

      Steven – While your critiques & criticism are welcome, you’re more likely to have some influence on this blog (and any other for that matter) if you focus on specific points made within the blog posts and how you find them to be at fault rather than using brief statements to launch into a rant about random ideas/actions disconnected from the original post (as has been done on this thread). While you used certain things mentioned in this point as a springboard to attack and deconstruct things that could be loosely related, it was obviously a stretch. Then again, if your intention is to rant for the sake of ranting rather than to offer constructive criticism and to persuade, then you are achieving that goal.

      • Steven

        “…if your intention is to rant for the sake of ranting rather than to offer constructive criticism…”

        Experience of Christian websites has taught me that any kind of comment that disagrees with the fundamentalist’s world view will inevitably be labelled a “rant”. It’s one more example of the manipulative use of language so typical of conservative Christians in general and TMF in particular.

        My goal here isn’t to nitpick when it comes to the particulars of specific antediluvian attitudes and beliefs. For example, I find it very difficult to distinguish between Side B and Side X. To me you’re all just homophobes. Some of you may be slightly more rabid than others, but rabies is rabies and even the mildest form of the infection is still deadly if you allow yourself to be bitten.

        No, my point in being here is to remind you that your beliefs, methods and goals have been definitively rejected by a large majority of the LGBT community. While you’re discussing the relative merits of whether attacking us openly or insinuating your way into our confidence with lies and half-truths is the most effective way of forcing us to change and become like you, we’re sitting here laughing at your complete inability to grasp the fact that neither strategy will ever work.

        If you could just understand that and leave us alone to find our own, equally valid path to God, we’d all be much happier. But you persist in trying to dominate, direct and undermine us with your pernicious message about how especially broken we are. This is why I’m here. To remind you that we don’t accept your judgment and that your attempts to suborn us can only fail. And maybe also to ask you why you’re wasting your time, energy and money in pointless attempts to change us when you could be fighting real evils like child poverty, infectious disease and drug abuse.

        The only one who wins on this site is the one who desires the destruction of us all.


  • LV Anonymous

    Shame on you! I think it is Signorile & Savage that are the liars!!

    What is wrong with the T-shirt campaign? Is that any different than any other group or person making a statement. Yes, the institutional church needs to say “I’m sorry” for many things. Then you criticize Andrew & his friends for having the guts to make that statement!

    Grow up!

  • Steven

    The “I’m Sorry” campaign serves one purpose only: to raise the media profile of TMF and present it as key in a bridge building process that benefits no-one. Except TMF of course.

    When the only concrete result of a campaign is the personal aggrandizement of the people leading it, you have to ask yourself if that wasn’t the goal all along.

    One of the goals, perhaps. The other being to outflank the defences of the LGBT community with a Trojan horse manoeuvre. Everything TMF does is calculated to win our trust for the express purpose of undermining us from within. I’ve seen video of Andrew Marin giving tips and pointers to fundamentalists on how to win our confidence so they can attack us from behind our lines of defence. It’s like watching some kind of Hollywood pastiche of a covert military operation. Badly cast. Badly scripted. Really badly acted.

    If you people think that smiling sweetly and making noises about reconciliation and understanding are all you need to do to distract our attention from the Uzi you’re pointing at us, you need to think again.