August 8: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


You can fool as many people as you are able, but it doesn’t matter because who you are in secret will always be made known, in this life or the next. Luke 12:2-3

Reverence must be reserved for that which is eternally sacred; not for that which you deem temporarily important. Luke 12:4-5

You are so very precious to God and will always be counted as a sacred creation of the Creator. Luke 12:6-7

Much love.

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  • Steven

    “You can fool as many people as you are able, but it doesn’t matter because who you are in secret will always be made known, in this life or the next. Luke 12:2-3”

    Finally, something we can agree on. And how à propos to both the work of your organisation and my opinion of it.

    I’m not familiar with this paraphrased version of Luke 12 however. Is it something you wrote yourself or does it come from a published work?


    • Steven – I have been very patient with your comments. I don’t mind when people disagree, but your accusations are getting really old. Thus, here is what I would like to do. I would like to give you an opportunity to share your story and write a blog post or two that I will post for everyone to read. Please email me andrew(at)themarinfoundation(dot)org and we can schedule some dates.

      Also, everyone here is tired of you blaming and accusing GCN, TMF and everyone else. If that continues, I will ban you from making any comments – and then your self fulfilling prophecy will come true. If you have any questions about me banning people, please see the Comment Tab at the top of the page. This is your one and final warning.

      One other thing I need to say – I’m not sure why you continue to disagree with people commenting to you that TMF is not who you say we are… And those people writing to you are gay. In fact, Jon Trouten, is gay, married to his husband and has two kids. He knows us personally, so why are you disagreeing with what he says about us?

      Thanks. And I’m looking forward to your email for the post!

      Much love.

  • Steven

    I won’t be making any blog posts on your site.

    My comments so far have been made with the objective of letting you know that the wider LGBT community regards your “bridge building process” as nothing more than another conservative Christian attempt to convert and change us.

    You may have been able to convince a few LGBT individuals that you’re sincere, but there are too many unanswered questions about you and what you believe to make trust and confidence possible in a wider context.

    When you don’t trust someone, it’s wise to limit your interactions with him to a bare minimum, which consists of making your position clear, indicating where your boundaries fall and making him understand what will happen if he crosses them. You don’t validate him by agreeing to play his game according to his rules, especially when you suspect that those rules have been designed to ensure your defeat.

    My comments here should be seen in this light. I’m not here to participate in your discussion but rather to let you know why your discussion is one I’ll never participate in. At least, not while it’s being framed by someone whose credibility is non-existent. You can’t talk to people you don’t trust.

    So no, I won’t be contributing a blog post here. To do so would be to accept the rules of a game that I believe is stacked against the LGBT community and presided over by a partisan referee. I’ll play on a level playing field with an impartial referee, or not at all. And if I and those who share my opinion won’t play, how credible is your game? If the only LGBT participants in your discussion are a handful of consensus-seeking Christians desperate for validation at any cost, who are you really going to convince?

    So by all means feel free to block me from making further comments. I’ve pretty much said what I came here to say. The real discussion won’t take place here anyway. It can’t when the majority of the LGBT community refuses to participate.


    • Steven – It’s a shame you don’t want to talk about your story on a blog post. I wouldn’t change any of your wording or what you say. Impartial you’ll get. Why don’t you test me and see if I’ll actually do it? I hope so.

      I’m not going to ban you right now, because for the first time you actually wrote some real thoughts about where you’re at, rather than just accusing us – and everyone associated with us (even though you still did, a little). PS – Did you know that a queer woman who is an atheist is a regular member of our gatherings? How does that fit within your model of only LGBT “consensus-seeking Christians desperate for validation at any cost?”

      Anyways, that’s a bummer you would rather point a finger than engage and be transparent. Accuse as you may, you have no idea what’s actually happening. And that’s ok. We do, and will continue this bridge building work far after you, or anyone else, don’t have any more energy to tear us down and head hunt everyone connected with us to get them to cut ties with us (as Michelangelo has done – to no avail) because it won’t work.

      I hope you decide to actually engage our community. And if you do, we really look forward to engaging back. Much love.

    • Steven – I have deleted your last comment and now banned you. Congratulations on your self-fulfilling prophecy from above. It’s such a shame, seriously. I was truly hoping you would engage us with questions and not rumors, insults and calling me, and anyone (LGBT or hetero) associated with TMF names – which it seems you just could not help but constantly do. If you read this comment, please see the following link I wrote regarding your accusations.

      Thank you. Much love.