CEO’s Not Giving Political $$$$… Preach.

The other day when I was writing my article on Howard Schultz, Starbucks Founder and CEO, regarding his cancellation of a speaking appearance at Willow Creek, I saw him on CNN talking about his disgust with the partisan politics happening that is ruining our economy, and country. Schultz, live on TV, said he was a registered Democrat, and is not only dissapointed in Obama, but decided to not give any money to political campaigns until our country’s economy turns around and politicians start governing without the constant finger-pointing, fighting and engaging in the skilled art of argumentative tactics of five year olds trying to talk their way out of getting punished.

I saw an article today that Schultz has put his money where his mouth is and signed up over 100 other CEO’s who have pledged not to donate any money to political campaigns. Wow. That’s freaking sweet.

If money is seemingly one of the only things that speaks to a majority of politicans these days, then let’s speak right back to them by not contributing. You can join Schultz’s Facebook group regarding this non-giving campaign. And here is the campaign’s website for more information. I’ve already pledged to not contribute.

Politicians logic for most of my life has been: The more money given, the more change that can be created. Well, it hasn’t worked. It’s time to create change doing to opposite.

Much love. 

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