It’s Here! Love Is an Orientation DVD Curriculum! [Video]

So when the mail got dropped off at The Marin Foundation’s office today there were 3 huge boxes. The sender was Zondervan. I thought… Here it is! The DVD Curriculums are here! So give me some grace and view the excitement with me of opening the very first copies of our new Love Is an Orientation DVD and Participant Guide.

It officially releases on December 13th.

You can pre-order the DVD and Participant Guide combo pack here.

You can pre-order the DVD by itself here.

You can pre-order additional Participant Guides by themselves here.

I’m popping it in my DVD player right now… Can’t wait to watch it myself as I haven’t seen the final version yet. Awesome!

Much love. 

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  • I love that you open the boxes with your keys!! I do the same things because I never seem to have any sort of knife laying around.

    Congratulations on the new stuff, Andrew…blessings in this new facet of your work!

  • James Atwell

    Hey again, Andrew! I’ve already placed my oreder for the DVD combo package! I can’t wait to start in on it! God bless you buddy!

  • Wow! They have a still of my interview on the back cover!!!

  • Jeffrey Robinson

    Is the DVd available in English subtitles or closed captioning? If not, can you make it equally accessible to the hearing impaired? I realize it costs money. It is tax deductible. You can try the “authoring” DVD that enables you to make subtitles available without hiring a company to do the work for you saving you a thousand of dollars. My friend who produced Unveiled Grace DVD did the “authoring” DVD by himself and it went real well. As you reside in Chicago I am sure you have seen a large group of Deaf gay men and lesbians. I know of a Deaf transgender who resides there as well. Will you look into making subtitles available if they are not on the DVD?

    • Hi Jeffrey…. Just wanted to let you know that subtitles come standard with the DVD! It’s an option at the bottom of the home page of the DVD! Thanks for asking, and sorry for a delayed response. I hope you find this resource useful, brother! If there’s anything I can ever do, let me know. Much love.