[Video] Please Consider Donating to The Marin Foundation for my 31st Birthday

For my 31st birthday today, Dec 16, I humbly ask you consider donating $31 to the work of The Marin Foundation as a one time gift; or $31 per month, totaling $372 in one year. This video details what a $372 donation will go towards!

Here is a link to find out more information of how The Marin Foundation spends our donations, as well as the opportunity to make a secure one time or reoccurring donation to our work.

Much love.


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  • Mrs T

    Happy Birthday!
    I didn’t know about the youth ‘program.’ I know where you can get bread. There is so much leftover bread all over & I don’t mean Wonder Bread. There is a lot of fancy stuff going to waste…..

    When do you do this? Maybe I can help.

    Love to you all at TMF!
    You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!