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Living in the Tension Gathering – Tues, Jan. 24th

What do you think of when you hear someone say “building bridges” as it relates to engaging others? What does it mean for your relationships? Is the language appropriate for the work we all are engaged in when it comes to “building bridges” between the Christian and LGBT communities? This upcoming Tuesday, January 24th, we [Read More…]

Piece I Wrote for ‘People of the Second Chance’

    People of the Second Chance (POTSC) is a movement created by author and creative, Mike Foster, which works to overthrow judgement and liberate love. POTSC is filled with a bunch of super artsy, cool and rebellious folks. Their new campaign is Labels Lie: Don’t Use Them, Don’t Accept Them. Their most recent addition [Read More…]

Amazing Review of Our New DVD Curriculum!

So humbling, and very, very exciting all at the same time. The reviewer (who, come to find out, was on the Biggest Loser) calls it 3 resources in 1! You can read the review here. You can also purchase the DVD and its Participant Guide at a discounted rate here. Much love. [Read more…]

Living in the Tension Gathering – Tuesday, Jan. 10th

After a little break for the holidays, we’re ready to get back at it with the Living in the Tension community gatherings. In line with this time of the year, we will be reflecting on instances in the past where efforts related to building bridges with those different than ourselves could have gone better to [Read More…]

Radical Love Produces Radical Results

Radical love produces radical results. It’s always a gamble though, because my experience has shown me that radical love also produces radical hate. Funny how that works, huh? Keep on keepin’ on… Much love. [Read more…]

Top 20 Books of 2011

As I have done each of the past few years (2009 and 2010), here is my list of the best books I read this calendar year. My only qualification for this list is that I had to complete the entire book somewhere between January 1 and December 31, 2011. The book didn’t have to be published in [Read More…]

Top 11 Posts of 2011

As I noticed on Adam McLane’s blog, he posted some fun stuff recapping 2011 on his blog. So I think I’ll copy his post’s idea. Thanks Adam In 2011, my blog had 182 posts, 1,229 comments and just over 160,000 unique visitors. Top 11 Posts of 2011: [Bonus: 12. Go and Sin No More] 11. I’m Sorry Campaign [Read More…]