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Interview with Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp will be joining us this Thursday (7pm) at Roscoe’s (3356 N. Halsted St.) as a part of her Inside Out Faith tour, so in anticipation for the night we asked her a few questions about the tour and her journey as a Christian and a musician that you can check out below. You [Read More…]

Living in the Tension, Tues. May 29

For our next Living in the Tension community gathering on Tuesday, May 29th, we will be welcoming Dr. Trista Carr to present research she has conducted about sexual-minority Christians and sexual and religious identity development. Dr. Carr is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Maryland where she practices therapy. Dr. Carr was previously [Read More…]

Sending Flowers to Homophobic Pastors

The following post was written by Kevin Harris, Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation.   You have probably heard of North Carolina pastor, Charles Worley, and his hateful talk about eliminating gay and lesbian individuals by rounding them up with an electric fence until they die. Well, you should think about buying him [Read More…]

[Repost] May 31st The Marin Foundation is hosting a free Jennifer Knapp Concert!

We’re excited to be welcoming Jennifer Knapp for a stop on her Inside Out Faith tour at our next large group Living in the Tension community gathering at Roscoe’s in Chicago on 3356 N. Halsted Street. The event will be start at 7pm on Thursday, May 31st. The free event is being co-sponsored by the LGBT center in Chicago, Center on Halsted, [Read More…]

President Obama’s Evolving Views

The following post was written by Jason Bilbrey, a volunteer with us at The Marin Foundation. Last week, President Obama made history by vocalizing his support for marriage for gay and lesbian individuals, the first sitting president to do so. The flood of media coverage surrounding his interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts has [Read More…]

Recent Article I Wrote for Leadership Journal

Recently North Point Community Church’s senior pastor Andy Stanley preached a sermon about the theological tension that is needed to live in the Way of the Christian faith. Well known conservative commentator and president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Al Mohler, took offense to Stanley’s non-mention of the sin of homosexuality in the sermon. Stanley [Read More…]

Living in the Tension – Mon. May 14

For our next Living in the Tension community gathering, our friend Hanna will be joining us to share about part of her story with faith and sexuality. Hanna has been helping us out with our finances at The Marin Foundation for over three years now and we’re excited to have her share more with our [Read More…]

Do I Belong? Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of Jimmy’s story, you can check it out Here. In the summer of 2008, I loved the church, felt connected to the Body of Christ, homosexuality was clearly a sin, and I was eager to move 600+ miles away from home to begin my graduate studies in conducting. By August [Read More…]

The Frank Pastore Show

It was great being on with Frank again tonight. For those of you who are visiting from getting our website on the show, please feel free to either call us at 773-572-5983, or email us at We look forward to talking soon! Much love. [Read more…]

Do I Belong? Part 1

The following post is by our friend Jimmy from Tennessee, a teacher and professional musician. You can check out his blog at I have asked myself one question in the thirteen years I have walked with Christ: do I, as a gay Christian, belong in God’s church? I was teased and bullied at my Christian [Read More…]

You Can Overcome Your Sexuality?

Over the next week we’ll be featuring posts from a few friends of ours at The Marin Foundation that will be sharing a parts of their stories connected to faith and sexuality. We’re starting with a post written by one of our volunteers here in Chicago and she decided to write this first post anonymously. [Read More…]