Living in the Tension – Mon. October 8

Personal experience is often one of the best teachers. When we come up short or mess things up in some capacity, it helps to inform our decisions and actions in the future. So for our next Living in the Tension gathering on October 8th, we’ll be sharing past experiences where we failed or messed up in some way related to attempts to build bridges and cultivate relationships with others that have had different sexual orientations, religious backgrounds, political affiliations, etc. than ourselves. We’re bound to make mistakes in the future, but we’re going to take this time to share where we have fallen short and learn from one another to let our mistakes inform how we move forward in developing relationships with others whose worldview may be significantly different in some areas.

We will be meeting at 7pm this upcoming Monday, October 8. You can find us at our usual spot in Room 120 on 5241 N. Ashland Avenue.

Hope to see you there!

Much love.


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