Living in the Tension – Monday Oct. 29

Instead of our regular discussions, we will be catching a movie together for our next Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, October 29th. We will be watching The Wise Kids, a coming-of-age drama. The screening is at 8pm at the Gene Siskel Film Center on 164 N. State Street. Purchase your tickets ahead of time via the link HERE. For whomever can make it, we’ll be grabbing a quick bite to before the screening at Potbelly Sandwich Shop on 190 N. State St. at 7pm.


A host of festival prizes and “Best of 2011” lists later, Stephen Cone’s beautifully nuanced and affecting coming-of-age drama comes home to Chicago for a theatrical run. In the space of time between Easter and Christmas, three best friends about to start college are poised on the cusp of adulthood. Raised in the strict but loving confines of a small town Baptist congregation, they each struggle with crossing boundaries. Brea, a minister’s daughter, feels childhood faith dimming; Tim faces the realization that he’s gay; Laura sees her friends slipping away into a world she can’t begin to understand. Cone pulls it all together with remarkable pathos and not a single villain.

We hope to see you there!

Much love.

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