My 10 Top Tweets of 2012 (by RT)

I was just reading some of my favorite blogs and came across a fun post by Tony Jones on his top tweets of 2012, determined by how many times said tweets were retweeted. That got me thinking, what were my most retweeted tweets of the past year? So thanks to Tony’s idea, here are my Top 10 Tweets of 2012:

1. Just posted my thoughts on this  situation & what  should do w/tonight’s LGBT Kiss-In

2.’They will know you are my disciples by your firm stance on divisive social issues.’ -Not said by Jesus

3. RT @unklt1: “Jesus didn’t say they’ll know you are my disciples by your firm stance on divisive social issues.” –@Andrew_Marin

4.”Transformation happens when you exercise curiosity within the places of biggest resistance in your soul.” -Marko 

5. Crazy! Someone posted this pic of us (@MarinFoundation) on @reddit & it’s been viewed 265,000+ in 5 hrs (ended up being viewed 3 million times in 1 week)

6. You don’t need a million dollars to change the world. You need courage.

7. My thoughts for  regarding tonight’s   Kiss-In Protest

8. It is a sacred moment when someone opens up to u. Treat it w/reverence b/c they will never, ever forget how u react in that moment.

9. So brilliant I can’t even describe. Totally made my day

10. NEW POST: My analysis of Rick Warren & the conservative argument against same-sex marriage

Here’s to a fun tweeting 2013…

Much love.

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