One More Day to Donate to The Marin Foundation in 2012

One More Day to Donate to The Marin Foundation in 2012 December 30, 2012

We had an unbelievable 2012. You can click here to see our End of the Year Newsletter. Here are some of the exciting developments amassed throughout the past year:

Over 3,000 people attended our Living in the Tension Gatherings

We were invited to teach 123 times in 59 locations throughout the US, UK and Eurpoe to 92,000 people live in person

Our work was shared online over 20 MILLION times in the past 12 months

We completed the data collection and analysis of the largest national scientific research study ever done in the LGBT community regarding spritual/religious acculturation (results to be released in 2013)

We loved a whole lot of people in real time

You can click here to see The Marin Foundation’s fundraising needs for 2013.

And you can also make a one-time donation or a reoccurring automatic monthly donation to our general fund or to one of our specific projects.

As we do every year, we will post The Marin Foundation’s tax returns online for you to see how much was donated, and how we spent every dollar donated. That should be live in February 2013 after we submit our 2012 returns.

Let’s see what happens in 2013… I’m sure it will be interesting.

Much love!

The Marin Foundation Team: Andrew, Kevin, Laura, Brenda, Hanna (and coming soon Michael and Jason)

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