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Dec 23: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? You don’t turn on and off living a faithful life. [Luke 12:35-40] Faithfulness is being accountable for what has been entrusted to your care; and for that, you will also be held accountable. [Luke 12:42-48] Those doing the work of radical peace will always receive violence in return. [Luke [Read More…]

Rick Warren on Gay Marriage

This post analyzes my thoughts on Rick Warren’s recent interview with Chelsea Clinton on gay marriage, and then, my analysis of the conservative argument against same-sex marriage based on the word “marriage.” [Read more…]

Dec 22: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? There are cause and effect relationships to what you do and say, not just in the here and now, but for all time. [Luke 12:8-12] Contentment in what has already been given to you casts out worries. [Luke 12:13-32] When you give of your treasure, your heart will most [Read More…]

How to Formulate a “Theology”

I don’t believe in quoting Bible verses as a justification for a specific belief. I instead focus on a Principled Theology, one that focuses on the thematic umbrellas throughout the breathe of Scripture. Here is why… [Read more…]

Here’s Hoping the Mayans are Right

The Mayan Calendar says the world is going to end on Friday, December 21, 2012. That’s tomorrow. Humanity has had a good run, and thus, I’m holding an End of the World Party tonight. [Read more…]

The New Blog is Live

I’m super excited to have my new blog now live on Patheos! I legitimately love and respect a number of Patheos bloggers (Timothy Dalrymple, Scot McKnight, Tony Jones, Christian Piatt,  Kurt Willems, among others – and the occasional disagreement with my frienemy Hemant Mehta). Intelligent dialogue can never be overrated, and I look forward to [Read More…]

8:56am on Dec 16th

So today is my birthday! The big 3-2. What a strange 32 years it’s been thus far. Today is going to be a great, and full day, celebrating with family at my Mom and Dad’s house in the suburbs. In that fullness, thanks for your offer, but really, I don’t need any presents. What, what [Read More…]

The Marin Foundation’s End of the Year Newsletter

We had an unbelievable 2012. You can click here to see our End of the Year Newsletter. Here are some of the exciting developments amassed throughout the past year: Over 3,000 people attended our Living in the Tension Gatherings We were invited to teach 123 times in 59 locations throughout the US, UK and Eurpoe [Read More…]

Living in the Tension Gathering – Mon. Dec. 10

We will be hosting our last Living in the Tension gathering of the year this upcoming Monday, December 10th at 7pm. A friend of the foundation will be sharing some of her thoughts about a book she recently read, The End of Sexual Identity, by Jannell Williams Paris and we will take some time to [Read More…]

Is It Time for Evangelicals to Stop Opposing Gay Marriage?

This article was first posted, today, on Philosophical Fragments, a blog by philosopher Timothy Dalyrmple. It is a part of a series on answering the question, “Is It Time for Evangelicals to Stop Opposing Gay Marriage?” I am promoting the link on Philosophical Fragments for those who wish to engage in this conversation, because that [Read More…]

Exciting News About This Blog

As of today I have exciting news about the future of this blog… It will be moving to Patheos, the largest religion site on the interwebs. My blog will be housed in the Evangelical Portal with some heavy hitters such as Scot McKnight et. al. Today the contract was signed and the move is eminent – within [Read More…]