Living in the Tension Gathering – Mon. June 3

In the midst of the Supreme Court hearings related to Proposition 8 and DOMA, Time magazine discussed how quickly the gay rights movement has shifted and declared same-sex marriage is the nation’s inevitable future: “Yesterday’s impossible now looks like tomorrow’s inevitable.” Is marriage equality an inevitable outcome in our country? In light of our historical awareness of past equality movements and the shape of the gay rights movements, along with our future predictions of where our nation is headed, how do we coexist with those who support change and with those who resist change? What are the assumptions behind and the effects of making a statement like, “You’re on the wrong side of history,” or using words like “bigot”?

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, June 3, we will be discussing some of these questions. We will be meeting in our regular spot on 5255 N Ashland Ave. in Room 124 at 7pm. If you’re available beforehand, we’ll be gathering at Lady Gregory’s on 5260 N Clark St. at 5:15pm to hang out and have a bite to eat.

We hope to see you there!

Much love.

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