New Website Addressing Vision Forum

New Website Addressing Vision Forum August 9, 2011
We are pleased to announce the creation of a new website geared specifically to countering the teachings of Vision Forum.  I have been bothered for some time that while there are various articles on a variety of websites addressing the problems with the teachings of Vision Forum and its image of the “perfect godly family,” there was no website pulling all of this information together. And now there is.

Here it is:

The site is meant to be something between Recovering Grace and Why Not Train A Child, doing for Vision Forum what they do for IBLP and Michael and Debi Pearl. This is a collaborative work, and I am one of those involved with it. We are interested in input, advice, thoughts, and contributions. Our goal is for the site to have enough hits that when someone googles “Vision Forum” it will come up on the first page.

So far the site mainly contains links to articles on Vision Forum published elsewhere on the web, serving as a sort of information hub, but we are hoping to get permissions from some of these authors to republish their work on the site, and we would also like to take article contributions and collect any anti-Vision Forum articles published across the web in the future. We want this to be one stop shopping for the flaws and problems of Vision Forum.

Right now Vision Forum has a perfectly tailored image of perfection and godly living. We’d like this website to provide interested families with another perspective.

So, thoughts, suggestions, comments? We’re completely open!

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