Why would women buy into that?

My post about training “dominion-oriented” daughters was discussed on Butterflies and Wheels yesterday and a question came up: Why would women buy into that? It’s a very good question: why would women choose to buy into a system where men are to lead and women are to submit, where men and women have completely different spheres, one dominion in the public realm and the other in the home?

I have to say, I was really impressed with some of the responses some of the commenters offered to this question. Despite (I think) not being raised in Christian Patriarchy, they hit every single point I would have made, and very eloquently. I’ve decided to share them here, with proper credit given, of course:

Giliell, connaiseuse des choses bonnes says: 

-They’ve been brainwashed from early on.

-They are deep inside of this culture, they have the most to lose. If tomorrow their families stopped being dominionists, their husbands would still be the professionals they are, but the women would be nothing, lost in a world for which they posess no skills.

-They can elevate their status within the community

-They may long for easy answers. If you come from a family that is horribly broken, somebody who guarantees you a place and stability might be appealing. No more fathers who are running away, no more mothers who come home at 11pm from their second job while the smelly neighbour farted into your armchair.


Ibis3, féministe avec un titre française de fantaisie says:

– They are taught to be afraid of the outside world. However bad things are at home, out there women are prostitutes and drug addicts and victims of Satan.

– This is really what God, the ruler of the universe, has ordained. Rebelling against the men in charge is no different from rebelling against God himself. Rebels are vile, worthless pieces of shit that will, and deserve to be, burnt forever in Hell.

So let me summarize. We have six reasons:

  1. They’re raised into it.
  2. They have a lot to lose if they question/leave.
  3. It gives them status within the community.
  4. It provides simple answers in a complicated world.
  5. They believe everything outside is evil and dangerous.
  6. They really truly believe it’s what God wants.
Thank you, ladies. I couldn’t have said it better myself. 


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