Vision Forum Quick Takes Part II

I’m in the mood for a little levity. Therefore, in the spirit of that feeling, I offer you Vision Forum Quick Takes part two! (Note: This is not meant to be serious commentary on serious issues.)

Because we all know communism didn’t end when the Soviet Union fell two decades ago! It’s goal today is to take over the United States!

Because, you know, what you need most are more things to worry about!

We’ll need them when the communists/socialists come to take over, and then you’ll thank us!

And if you DO take our guns, we’ll STILL be ready for the communists/socialists!

They aren’t just after our guns! They’re after our CLOTHES too!


And our eggs!

Because seven billion people just isn’t enough! Besides, if we don’t have eight or ten children each, how will we fight the communists/socialists?

This way all the science nerds will be on our side in time to face the communist/socialist take over!

Because if our homegrown army defects, how will we stand up against the communists and socialists?

And now we give your our ultimate goal: instituting Biblical Law. (Seriously, the author of these books advocates stoning rebellious teenagers, because, you know, that’s what the Old Testament says to do.)

There, now I feel better! Also, I’m reminded just how nice it is to NOT be afraid of things like a communist socialist invasion!

About Libby Anne

Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • shadowspring

    Thanks for the laugh, all the way down to the end.As a teen who was threatened with stoning if only it were legal, the last part gives me chills.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, I'd hate to see what sci-fi would look like if it was "reclaimed for Christ." Doctor Who evangelizing the daleks?

    • Brightie


  • grikmeer

    Got into an argument with my dad a couple of weeks back over something he posted on Facebook. Featured the statement "If you want to be a socialist, then go and live in a socialist country."…You mean like England has effectively been since Queen Vicky was alive?I've never understood this abject fear of socialism. Some things probably shouldn't be left to outright capitalism. As an aside: Doctor Who was so much better before David Tennant was in it… <3 William Hartnell(this thoroughly British post was brought to you by the letters T, A, R, D, I and S)

  • Libby Anne

    On the subject of Christian science fiction…we do already have creationist fantasy.

    • Brightie

      Not to mention the creationist fantasy that acknowledges itself as creationist fantasy. :)

  • Janey

    They already have Christian chick lit. Sex and anything else physical is replaced with coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. *Shudder*

    • Brightie

      Really? Perhaps we’ve read different Christian chick lit. I thought sex was replaced by dinner dates, handholding, discussions of your future, Very Rare Kisses, and looking into eachother’s eyes. :p

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous 2:11 HAHA! Doctor: "Ye must be born again!" Dalek: "Exterminate!"

  • CLDG

    Homeschool Dropouts, eh? I have a few suggestions as to why it's happening. But I'll go out on a limb and say that their answer is that homeschooling parents aren't homeschooling hard enough.

  • Libby Anne

    CLDG – "Homeschool Dropouts" refers to people like me – homeschool graduates who have left their parents religious beliefs – not to homeschoolers who don't finish high school. Read the subtitle: "Why the Second Generation is Now Headed for a Spiritual Wasteland." Christian homeschool leaders promised people like my parents that if they homeschooled and used the proper curriculum and teachings their children would turn out to be clones of them in belief and in action. Since the goal is to "retake the country for Christ," this result is important, and many parents – like mine – aren't getting it. And that is the problem Vision Forum addresses in that DVD.

  • Anonymous

    I live in a socialist country. Said country has been deemed the best country in the world to live in by the UN two years in a row. Oh, now I know why that's bad! If the State provides a security net, then people won't despair and turn to God when they fall on hard times. It makes total sense. I seriously doubt most Americans would know socialism if it bit them on the nose ;)And what's up with the anti-fertility clinic vid? You're supposed to have a dozen kids, but if you can't have them without some help then sucks to be you? I guess you're just cursed by God then.Man, it must be tiring living with all that fear and paranoia.

  • CLDG

    Oh, I'm totally with ya on that. I wasn't clear – I mean it's pretty obvious to me why a lot of the 2nd generation is rejecting the belief system: because it's wrong and/or it sucks. (I'm technically a dropout too, although my parents were late adopters and I was only occasionally homeschooled, unlike my sibs.) And I'm betting that Vision Forum's response to that isn't to question any of their teachings, but to blame the parents of the "dropouts" for not doing the lifestyle perfectly, for not being enough of a godly example, etc. "The system works perfectly, ergo YOU must have done it wrong." Just guessing. :) My parents definitely got blamed by others in the movement for my being "in rebellion" as a grown daughter.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Grikmeer–I disagree, I loved David Tennant as the Doctor! The old series had its own charm, but sometimes it was a little too twee. I kind of like my Doctor tortured and somewhat libidinous (Eccleston did that well, too.)What would a Fundie Doctor Who be like? The Daleks would probably be Evil Feminists. lolWhat about Fundie Star Trek? How would that work? Evangelizing "where no one has gone before" would definitely be violating the Prime Directive in a major way…

    • Brightie

      Or how if the Daleks were still unholy abominations of genetic engineering, but they were also demon-possessed? ;)

  • dream-wind

    Ultra-fundie SF exists, and trust me, stab yourself in the eye with a fishfork rather than read it. Seriously. You'll be torturing yourself far less. I had a work colleague who gave me some to read and fortunately I've managed to block specific details like book names, authors etc.Interestingly, I've seen CS Lewis held up as a fine example of a Christian fantasy writer, probably because he deliberately made Narnia a Christian allegory. I wonder if they've read The Screwtape Letters – either they haven't, or completely missed the irony and thought Screwtape was on to a good thing.

    • Brightie

      Um… no argument on a lot of Christian fiction being trashy. But as for Lewis and Narnia? When you try to read Pilgrim’s Progress and Hind’s Feet on High Places, and then get a story which is actually kind of in it for the worldbuilding+God instead of every single thing being a one-for-one allegory with a specifically encoded meaning, it’s kind of a major breath of fresh air.

      Yeah. I’ve read Screwtape. And what I took away was “it’s ok to not always be a perfect happy Christian, emotional flux is natural.” “Passive-aggressive behavior is not healthy.” “Don’t be a hypocrite or spend all your time arguing with folks’ with differing theological views, because Satan thinks that’s tasty.”
      What particular issues were you thinking of with Screwtape?

  • Erika Martin – Stampin’ Mama

    I'm quite proud to be a homeschool dropout.

  • knerrikits

    I'm just as proud as Erika :)

  • Ashton

    I clicked on the eggsploitation link and watched that video. As someone who would one day like to donate my eggs and has done some research into the process, I'm disturbed by the misrepresentation. I suppose I should be surprised. I'm sure all of those are equal offenders.

  • Sara

    The reason we have either dropped out, or swung left, is that we were tired of the spiritual wasteland, the environmental wasteland, the social, communal wasteland that their system actively promotes. They are "breeding" a totalitarian culture of war and rape (keeping women weak and needing male protection as well as sexually enslaved) and lust for money and power that has already outdone Stalin if you start with the Puritan massacres of Native peoples and lands, the advance of Standard oil mercantilist capitalism and Fundie friends in the 18th – 20th centuries and the accompanying genocide and ecocide of many indigenous peoples and lands in both North and Latin America. There is a well documented history of the cooperation of fundamentalists, oil companies and politicians, and the widespread death this unholy trinity has left in its wake. Demographic winter? Sigh…not eugenics again!

  • legs104

    I read Narnia as a child and absolutely loved it… then when I was older I found out that it was about god and heaven and the end of the world and I was shocked and saddened. How could I love something that was so misguided and promoted things I thought were stupid and not real? The books are still my favourite because I can read them from an Atheist point of view, but knowing what their hidden message is disturbs me. I feel bad for anyone that can't see them for what they really are… good books. :)

  • Amy

    @ the Anonymous who was the second commenter: Just Google "Holy Worlds Sci-Fi". :)

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