Atheist Parenting: Call-Out for Tips and Anecdotes

I’d like to invite any of my readers who happen to be (a) atheists or agnostics and (b) parents to offer tips and anecdotes on parenting without God. Figuring out how to go about raising children outside of religion in a very religious country is an especially difficult one for those who, like me, were raised in religious families. Simply write your tip or anecdote (or several) as a comment on this post. I will collect together whatever tips and anecdotes you have to offer and create a page of them to include in my atheist parenting section, which I’m still working on.

Another of my plans for this section is to include a list of resources (books and websites, and particularly helpful articles). Since I am still very new to this (my children being young) and in the learning stage myself, I’d also like to ask for suggestions on what books, websites, and articles I should include.

I’m looking forward to putting this together, and appreciate any help you have to offer! I know I’ll find it useful, and I’d imagine I’m not alone in that!

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