Melissa’s Series, Part 9: Starting a New Life

The last part of Melissa’s story, Unwrapping the Onion, is now posted. This one is titled Starting a New Life. Here is an excerpt:

But as we’ve taken this next step into living life with all pretenses dropped, I am strangely not afraid of my spouse living authentically. We met as very limited people, both trying to do the “right” thing. We married so quickly, hardly knowing each other, much less the secrets each of us were hiding. And yet as we both changed and grew to the point where we came out to ourselves and each other, we were each able to find acceptance and understanding in our partner. We found freedom side by side, and after that crazy journey, were surprised to find that we fit together better than we ever could have imagined. It’s an unbelievable love story, a modern day fairy tale.

And I think now you know why I count Melissa, and her lovely “partner, co-parent, lover, and friend,” as two of the bravest people I have ever met.

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