Progressive Christian Resources?

I have a friend who grew up in fundamentalist and evangelical circles and has never been exposed to Christianity outside of that. She told me recently that she isn’t sure she can call herself a Christian anymore, and I asked what she meant. She told me that still believes in God, and in sin and the need for redemption, and in Jesus’ saving sacrifice. But, she said, she also supports GLBTQ rights and gender equality. When I told her that there are Christians who believe the same, she was surprised.

And then she had questions. How do these Christians reconcile gay rights and gender equality with the Bible? How do they interpret and understand the Bible? How do they understand Jesus and Christianity differently from the conservative circles in which she has spent her life? She wanted websites, articles, books. She wanted resources and information. And so I thought I’d put that question to any of my readers who consider themselves progressive or liberal Christians. What websites, articles, or books would my friend benefit from reading? What resources can I offer her?

Note: I understand that some of my readers may think I should be trying to move my friend toward atheism rather than looking for progressive Christian resources to offer her. However, deconverting my friend is not my goal.

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