Worthwhile Reads: Birth Control, Choice, and Prison Time

Maya of Feministing asks sarcastically whether Michelle Bachman is now pro-choice after reading this recent Bachman quote:

We want women to make choices. That’s why on health care, we want women to have health savings accounts and the ability to make their own choices in healthcare. You see that’s the lie that happens under Obamacare. The President of the United States effectively becomes a health care dictator. Women don’t need anyone to tell them what to do on health care. We want women to have their own choices, their own money. That way they can make their own choices for the future of their own bodies.

Mark of Feministe reminds us what is at stake in his article on prison time for women who use the morning after pill in Honduras.

There is terrible legislation being considered in Honduras which would send women to jail if they use the morning after pill. There is no exception for victims of sexual assault. The global activist group Avaaz is sounding the alarm on this terrible legislation, which is being actively debated in the Honduran Congress and may be “just days away.”

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