Worthwhile Reads: More on Vision Forum and Titanic

Julie Ingersoll is at it again, this time taking on Vision Forum’s Titanic 100: International Centennial Event, taking place this weekend, with her article, Biblical Patriarchy Advocates Celebrate Titanic 100th with “Women and Children First” Theme.

Take a minute to compare these two quotes, the first from Vision Forum’s video on preparing what to wear to the Edwardian Tea that will be held at the event and the second from Ingersoll’s article:

Spend just over two days singing, remembering, reenacting and celebrating a virtue that modern man has forgotten—the duty of men to be the protectors of women and children. Join us … as we honor the legacy of chivalry demonstrated on the R.M.S Titanic.

In biblical patriarchy, the refrain of “women and children first” hides an agenda whereby the women are “first” only insofar as they keep their place which is subordinate to men. I wrote about the fallout when they don’t in my book, Evangelical Christian Women. And in Quiverfull, Religion Dispatches’ Kathryn Joyce showed, tragically, a biblical woman is also “first” to take the blame for marital problems, “first” to be excommunicated as part of church discipline, “first” to serve her father and then her husband in his vision for dominion.

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