Worthwhile Reads: On “Loving” God

Some time ago there was some discussion here on my blog on what it means to “love” God, and what it means to love God more than anything or anyone else – which is what evangelicals are taught to do. Sarah of Enigma addresses that question today in her post Love. Really?

Along with the passion and excitement of romantic love, I also recognized a familiar feeling of attachment, not unlike what I feel for my brothers and sisters. Could it be that “love” is that aching sense of missing someone when they’re gone? … After falling in love, I knew that I felt nothing for God but awkward, frustrated, desperation.

For what it’s worth – and in answer to the question at the end of Sarah’s post – I think I really did “love” God, but in the way you love an imaginary friend that lives in your head, an imaginary friend you convince yourself loves you unconditionally and will never leave you.

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