Jon Stewart on Gay Marriage: The Measure of Progress

In the wake of President Obama’s announcement last week, in which he came out in support of gay marriage, I found this Jon Stewart clip to be incredibly enlightening.

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Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Deird

    Only available in the USA. :(

    • MadGastronomer

      Basically: In five years, Fox News’ talking heads have gone from “Same Sex Marriage will destroy society through turtle-fucking!” to “Oh, of course, you’ll say anything popular to get re-elected!”

    • Libby Anne

      Sure! Basically, he plays clips from five or so years back of right wingers alleging that gay marriage will lead to the downfall of society, etc, etc, etc. Then he plays the right wing reaction to Obama’s announcement last seek. Rather than discussing the downfall of society, right wingers responded by saying that of course, Obama would say anything to be popular, his coming out as pro-gay marriage is just a political ploy. And then Obama says that that change in response is the true measure of progress on the gay marriage issue.

    • Libby Anne

      LOL MadGastronomer beat me to that by like…two minutes. :-P I was so busy typing my response I didn’t even notice!

    • Paula G V aka Yukimi

      That’s curious because I’m in spain and I can watch it. I’ve never had any problem to watch The Daily Show in Spain. I can’t say the same for Hulu or the like *me not likey Hulu*

      • Caravelle

        It’s a whole thing. You can watch The Daily Show (and The Colbert Report, and Comedy Central’s online content in general) in France and Japan but not in the UK. Even on the ferry between France and the UK you can watch it, and I think the wifi company they have on the ferry might be Finnish or something. So I imagine it’s very country-specific.

        Hulu is another story. *joins in the Hulu hate*

        I think the reason Comedy Central programs might be inaccessible in the UK specifically is that The Daily Show runs on Channel 4 there, so they might have an arrangement.
        Unfortunately Channel 4 does NOT show any of the episodes online (I think there’s just the election night coverage of Indecision 2008), so the only option for UK residents who don’t have a TV but want to watch TDS day-to-day is illegal downloading AFAIK.

      • Caravelle

        Argh… Can’t edit comments. According to Nadia you can get them on iTunes in the UK. That would make sense.

  • Nadia G

    I watched this the other day, you can purchase on itunes in the uk but i think the whole country has changed. In 2008 I was a creationist. pentecostal/charismatic person and was so happy when prop8 passed. And today I support gay marriage. The whole country has changed, the whole world, including uk here.

    Love your blog btw, I really relate to your story and love that you’re a feminist and talk about those issues. So important

    • Tonya Richard

      Me too Nadia! Just 2 years ago, I was a creationist, full quiver, extremely conservative republican. Now, I am an atheist who actually understands and believes evolution and I will be voting for Obama! Oh, and I am extremely pro gay marriage and gay rights! I have done a complete 180! Here’s to hoping more of the world can follow us…..I am doing my best to teach my 8 children.

  • smrnda

    I think that opponents of gay rights tend to disbelieve that they are becoming a smaller and smaller group of people. A lot of them live in denial of this, believing that there’s some silent ‘moral majority’ out there whose been hushed up on homosexuality because of political correctness.

  • Scotlyn

    Good advice for viewing this material outside of the US – I followed it and it worked like a charm.

  • Gordon
  • Scotlyn

    Yes, I have watched the changes over the years. The people I knew in the 70′s and 80′s who took their courage into their hands to courageously make themselves visible one by one, risking all, slowly started an avalanche as people started coming out ten by ten, then eventually by hundreds and thousands, that has utterly changed the interpersonal landscape.

    It used to be possible to believe you didn’t know any gay people and that such depraved creatures as your imagination could conjure up were all risking their souls in some den of sin somewhere else, never dreaming they were your dentist, your mail deliverer, your son, your daughter, your estranged aunt… Due to all those brave pioneers who chose visibility – and the risk of becoming a hate target – over the lie of a double life – this is now practically impossible. Nowadays, anyone who thinks they don’t know any gay people needs to really ask themselves, why not? Why don’t they trust me? And most people nowadays do know that they know a gay person and that THEIR gay person is really pretty normal – and their confidence in all the bad stuff they’ve heard for so long gets eroded by day to day ordinariness.

    • Rosa

      Yep. Current setbacks aside, the change in acceptance levels is a huge vindication of the whole strategy of coming out as a political act as well as a personal truth.

  • Caravelle

    FiveThirtyEight has been on this since the beginning, I remember them talking about Prop 8 I think it was and saying if it they had only put it up a few years later it would have failed, because support for gay rights has been steadily increasing by a few percentage points a year. This is clearly a situation where we can see which way the wind is blowing. (you know, for now at least.)

    Here’s their post last year when polls started showing majority support for gay marriage :