Worthwhile Reads: Evangelicalism, LGBTQ, and Hate

Melissa’s spouse, Haley, has written a guest post on Melissa’s blog called When You Are Everything You Were Taught to Hate. Haley, remember, is a transsexual woman raised in an evangelical quiverfull home who served as a conservative pastor for several years before coming out as a woman and leaving the ministry.

How many more parents need to raise their children while being afraid that they are not teaching them all the “right ways” and therefore find their identity as parents threatened when a child turns out gay, loses faith, or has anything happen that is off the evangelical script? The fear of raising kids “right” is a huge burden for evangelical parents. How many more kids have to grow up fearing that they are everything they have been taught to hate?

It’s a must-read. So go read it!

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