Worthwhile Reads: On “Honoring” Women

You should read Darcy’s insightful piece, “You’re Not Being Insulted, You’re Being Honored.” Here’s an excerpt:

Because … it’s not hurtful to be told you cannot have your own vision or calling for your life, you must take on the vision and calling of whatever man you are given to.

It’s not insulting to be told that your natural gifts, talents, dreams, and desires are never to be fulfilled because you have a vagina and must spend your life fulfilling someone else’s. That these dreams and talents are from Satan, a distraction from what you really should be doing.

As if changing the definitions of words and actions, and saying these over and over again, changes the words and actions themselves and causes us to believe that up is down and right is wrong. That disrespect is actually honor and being put down is actually being lifted up. That being limited and bound is actually being freed and valued.

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