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Portrait of a Lady

Last night, for some reason, I was thinking about Kelly Bradrick. You may not have heard of her but she was a poster girl for Stay at Home Daughters and then for the large Vision Forum “conference wedding” with lengthy, manly monologues and a first kiss at the altar. Kelly is the daughter of Scott Brown, the founder of the NCFIC and she married Peter Bradrick in August of 2006. Who could forget? Doug Phillips featured the wedding in an e-mail newsletter and raved about getting a bird’s eye view of Peter and Kelly’s first kiss. He still talks about it to this day.

Kelly looks emotionally and physically exhausted and her body must be absolutely depleted. I hope she is receiving a lot of help from family and friends because I don’t know how else she could manage difficult pregnancies and five children under the age of five. Just look at the difference in Kelly between her wedding in 2006 and a photo taken in 2009. …

But They Look So Happy!

All of the recent news about the Duggar’s newest baby has spawned a number of online arguments.  One of the most frequent comments was about how cheerful their family is, especially the children.  How Michelle is a great mom who doesn’t yell.  It must be working for them, because the kids are well behaved and look happy.  Sounds reasonable, right?

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  • kalipay

    Kelly Bradrick’s story is so so sad. I keenly remember reading about her when I was looking for options and alternatives to my parents’ beliefs… and hoped with all my heart that their huge show of a wedding would be good for them, that they would be happy and would be close to each other despite the massive limelight in which they were placed.

  • Blue Camas

    Gah I read that link about Kelly too (who I have never heard of until today) and I feel so bad for her. Being raised as she was by her dad, she probably does have low self esteem, and does not feel she can speak up for herself. And her dimbulb patriarchal husband probably doesn’t think about her health and needs. Doctors recommend a two year space between pregnancies. Pregnancy takes a lot out of a woman’s body, and caring for a newborn isn’t an ideal rest period! So, 2 years is a good gap to help get a woman’s body ready for another pregnancy – and it makes for healthier babies too. Poor Kelly has had 5 pregnancies practically back to back.