Worthwhile Reads: The Modesty Survey

I’d like to introduce you to something called “The Modesty Survey.” It was put together by the Harris twins (brothers of Josh Harris of I Kissed Dating Goodbye fame). It is composed of dozens of questions about every aspect of clothing imaginable – bathing suit strings sticking out from under clothing, purses with straps diagonally across the front – questions submitted by 200 Christian girls and answered by 1600 Christian guys.

The results? We find out things like this: 27% of respondents find a girl putting on lip gloss in front of them to be a stumbling block, 63.6% of respondents find a girl leaning over and showing her lower back to be a stumbling block, and 74.9% of respondents reported that the way a girl walks can be a stumbling block.

I think what this survey highlights is that it doesn’t matter how much a girl tries to cover up, there will still be something that someone will find a “stumbling block.” I mean, there’s even this: 93.8% of respondents reported that a modestly dressed girl can still be a stumbling block because of her attitude and behavior. Lovely.

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