Introducing Bobby!

Several of my readers noted that in a post I put up Friday I mentioned my infant son, and asked if they missed the announcement. No, they didn’t -there hasn’t been one. So, without further ado, here’s the announcement:

Bobby was born on schedule and without complications. He is absolutely adorable, and so far a very good baby. I am recovering well, and am enjoying no longer being pregnant. Sean couldn’t be more helpful or involved, and is enjoying embarking on the adventure of parenting a second lovely child with me. For her part, Sally is completely thrilled with the new addition, whom she insists is hers.

When Sally was born I had yet to kick the Quiverfull bucket, and I expected her to be the first of many, many babies. But now, somehow, knowing that Bobby may well be my last is making me slow down and take the time to really enjoy his baby days even more than I enjoyed Sally’s. I’m now seeing these early years as a stage of life soon over rather than something that will be with me continuously for the next twenty years, and that makes a difference – a good difference, I think. But more on this later. 🙂

So there you have it – the announcement!

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