Vision Forum views food as a HUGE THEOLOGICAL ISSUE

Vision Forum has just put out a Petition for Prayer:

This week Vision Forum Ministries will endeavor to do something we think timely and significant. We recognize that the mission before us is both dangerous and risky. Once more we walk into the breach of controversy, this time by addressing a very difficult subject fraught with inherent challenges, not the least of which are the potential of error from confusion, extremism, trendism, indifference, apathy, and worse—theological heresy.

Wow, this sounds intense! I wonder what they could be talking about?

We have purposed to address a great elephant within the room of Evangelical Christianity. We are not content with elephants tramping through our sacred houses and wreaking havoc, so before things are done we hope to offer the elephant both a care-taker and an elephant house. The pachyderm in question is the present crisis of food and the family. …


Towards this end, we aspire to battle many errors which persist: … We gather to battle statism, Marxism and the last fifty years of man-centered manipulation of the food supply, contrary to both wisdom and applicable biblical precepts.

…wait. I do not think Vision Forum realizes that the only reason our planet is able to sustain its current population is because of “man-centered manipulation of the food supply.” I mean, the “green revolution”? If you eliminate birth control as Vision Forum would like too, and remove “man-centered manipulation of the food supply,” I’m seeing a problem. Just sayin’.

We gather to battle the assault on the family table and the once robust Christian household culture, by challenging the many-headed hydra of 21st century selfishness whose tentacles include radical egalitarianism and individualism, the tyranny of entertainment addiction and technological overload, and the poverty of the fast-food lifestyle.

Those people at Vision Forum do like big words! And hyperbole. Don’t forget the hyperbole!

That said, I find it fascinating how Vision Forum can turn just about anything into a huge theological issue. I’m looking forward to their conference on bedroom furniture next.

(Also, I think I’m in a snarky mood today)

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Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • from two to one

    Every now and then, snark is absolutely necessary. I think this is one of them. Seriously? Never thought I’d read “hydra” and “egalitarianism” and “fast food” in the same sentence.

    • Libby Anne

      I know, right???

  • Rosie

    And here I thought it was just us lefty hippies who were all concerned about organic and stuff. This could make for some really weird bed-fellows, politically speaking.

  • Elise

    Funny how to them, ‘selfish’ = ‘egalitarianism’ Silly fundies…

    • kagekiri

      Seriously. It reads like “Stop giving everyone the same rights as me, you’re so selfish!”

      Or maybe they mean: “Those black people, women, and gay people don’t know how to use their rights correctly, you’re being selfish to expect them to! They need our condescension and underestimation of their capacity for self-determination!”

      They would make an excellent example of how to abuse or deliberately misuse the English language.

      • Elise

        Ohhh…..I’ll save it for my next ESL class! Both the surface, and the deeper version you wrote about…wow. Again– crazy, miserly fundies!

  • Eamon Knight

    These people spend all day sitting around thinking up stuff to hyperventilate over, don’t they?

    (And if they want to do something useful about fast-food culture: help set up grocery co-ops in inner-city food deserts.)

    • Cheryl Chamberlain Duwe

      Yes! They could develop relationships with those in poverty and grow community gardens or something. But that might require getting “dirty”.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    So many words and I still have only the faintest idea of what they’re talking about and not even the faintest idea of what their proposed solutions are, besides beating the elephant-in-the-room metaphor to a bloody death.

    • Jay

      That’s where I ended up with it. There seemed to be a lot of frothy indignation about something, but even after re-reading it, I can’t confidently say what that something is.

  • kagekiri

    I wonder if they realize that “Marxism” is much more Biblical than democracy, or that democracy is incredibly radically egalitarian.

    Jesus himself pretty much outlines communism in the parable of the vineyard workers, or in the parable of the talents: everyone gets the same reward for contributing as much as they’re able.

    Hell, the early church’s organization reads exactly like a commune, sharing their wealth and redistributing it so everyone had what they needed.

    • smrnda

      The same parable has been used by right-wing Christians as a teaching against unions or governmental regulations meant to ensure fair treatment of workers by their employers; their take is that what the owner of the vineyard (the Employer) gives is automatically right, and no complaining about ‘fairness.’ Just thought I’d alert you that the same verse is used to make pretty much the opposite point.

      Perhaps that illustrates that most Bible ‘teachings’ are framed within such vague narratives that they can be used to support about any position you want.

      • kagekiri

        Ah, hadn’t heard that interpretation. Yeah, I suppose that whole “the owner decides” bit could go the other way; that parable IS kind of a counter argument to people who think they deserve more for serving more, but I could see how it could be twisted by right-wingers substituting themselves in for God in the parable.

    • Sapphire

      Evangelicals don’t want democracy they want theocracy – or at best a republic in which a small number of carefully selected voters choose between a small number of carefully selected candidates – all of them evangelical christians making policy decisions based on the Hebrew creation and foundation myths.
      As for the food thing – it’s just another “mother feeding the brood” scene with breadwinner-and-head-of -the-house dad at the head of the table carving the meat.

  • machintelligence

    (Also, I think I’m in a snarky mood today)/blockquote>
    So am I, and since the topic is Vision Forum, here are some links for laughs (as far as I can tell these didn’t originate at your blog, but if they did, I apologize for the theft):
    is a story about the use of photoshop to modify a classic painting for a Vision Forum CD. It gets even better when you photoshop it back:

    • machintelligence

      OOPS. I screwed up the blockquote — but the links work fine.

  • Anat

    I’m looking forward to their conference on bedroom furniture next.

    Double beds or twins, which is more biblically correct? Are full-length mirrors a sign of narcissism?

    • Elise

      I don’t know about the mirrors, but I can say that expecting your wife to sexually submit to you is DEFINITELY NOT narcissism.

    • AnyBeth

      When will the so-called occasional tables repent of their sin and realize it’s their God-given duty to be tables full-time?

    • Saraquill

      Twin beds are better, for they made casual spontaneous sex less likely. No one should ever forget that it’s purely for making little Christians! Also, no pretty furniture, for that somehow turns reproduction into filthy evil sex.

  • smrnda

    Do these people realize that the assault on the family table have to do more with employers demanding more work from workers (Americans work longer hours than many European nations and I think but am not sure that we now outwork the Japanese) and that families are reliant on cheap, fast food because of a lack of financial or time resources for the type of ‘old fashioned home cooking’ that vision forum would idealize?

    If you look up the wiki on potatoes, apparently some protestants in Scotland wouldn’t eat them when they were first imported since they were not mentioned in the Bible, so this kind of silliness isn’t totally new.

  • Fina

    Soo – we shouldn’t eat elephants? Is that what they are trying to say?
    Well, i can totally agree with that!

  • jwall915

    Yeah, I think bedroom furniture might just be next, seeing as there’s nothing they won’t get their hands in. I think the fundie food movement is somewhat consistent with their ridiculous mistrust of government. The FDA and USDA regulate our food in many aspects, and therefore they cannot trust it. I had a fundie FB friend who actually preached that drinking pasteurized milk was unbiblical. She thought you were only godly if you drank raw milk, never mind that it’s illegal in some states. It’ll be interesting to see where this one goes.

    • Azel

      Oh yes, have them overturning policies against raw milk cheeses and see the French raw-milk based cheeses invasion…that would make my day !
      P.S. : Of course, that’s assuming they are the same that complained against France at the beginning of the Iraq War and wanted to rename the french fries “freedom fries” or something like that…

      • Brightie

        “freedom fries”?
        Wot. 0.0

  • Lisa

    So does this mean they’ll begin selling a limited-edition-Elsie-Dinsmore-Bosch-Universal-Mixer and a Whisper Mills Grain Mill so we can all grind our organic wheat and make Sue Gregg blender waffles? Gosh and to think I thought they were worried about the dangers of the world…….

  • Tracey

    smrnda: “Do these people realize that the assault on the family table have to do more with employers demanding more work from workers (Americans work longer hours than many European nations and I think but am not sure that we now outwork the Japanese) and that families are reliant on cheap, fast food because of a lack of financial or time resources for the type of ‘old fashioned home cooking’ that vision forum would idealize? ”

    That would mean opening their eyes and admitting to reality, which they will fight like wounded, rabid wolverines against doing.

  • Judy L.

    What is this “once robust Christian household culture” they’re talking about? Holy nostalgia for an invented past. If CP-style Christian households were so robust, wouldn’t they be healthy and strong enough to tolerate religious and cultural dissent within their families and not dis-own adult children who’ve decided that the CP alternative lifestyle isn’t for them?

  • Christine

    They might want to get the Duggars to take some of their family recipes down – last time I looked, they relied a lot on prepared sauces and meal bases.

  • WotanAnubis

    “Man-centred manipulation of the food supply”?

    Are they talking about agriculture? Do they want us to return to the days of hunting and gathering?

    No… I suppose not. Chasing deer and plucking berries is still selfishly fulfilling your own needs instead of putting yourself in the hands of God like you’re supposed to.

    Somehow I don’t think these people have fully thought through the implications of what they’re actually saying.