What Quiverfull Christians Believe about Birth Control

I just found a video via No Longer Quivering that summarizes everything Quiverfull Christians believe about birth control. I remember being told most, though not quite all, of the things in this video. The video is provocatively titled “You Deserve to Know the Truth: Contraception.”

The video is shamelessly opposed to all contraception, and at one point argues that we are “contracepting ourselves out of existence.” (I’ve written before about the Quiverfull movement’s claims that we are actually facing not overpopulation but the threat of demographic collapse.) There is no thought to why people are choosing to have fewer children today besides the vague idea that it’s because of “selfishness.” And of course, the solution is not to make having children more attractive in our society but rather to force people to have children they don’t want through limiting contraception.

Also, this video says that the gay is caused by contraception. Oh yes. Now you really have to watch it. That particular argument is one I don’t remember hearing growing up, but somehow, I wasn’t surprised to hear them make it.

Note: If you find this interesting and want to read more, check out 1flesh, a “hip” Catholic website against birth control.

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