The Homeschool Environment (with Images)

This little homeschool girl and her family live off the grid.

As I looked at the image above the first time I came upon it, one thing I thought about is how much the homeschool environment varies from family to family. No two homeschool families are alike, and some homeschool situations, yes, are like the one in the image above.

But others are like this one:

Or like this one:

Or like this one:

Or like this one:

Or like this one:

I’m not sure that there really was a point to this post, except that I wanted to post the picture of the little off the grid homeschool girl and then offer other pictures of homsechool environments to contextualize it. I know that public schools vary widely from one to another, but I would suggest that homeschools vary much more widely. After all, the public schools (at least in theory) are held to a common set of standards. Even in states that have standards homeschoolers must adhere to those standards allow for much wider variation than the standards governing public schools. And the result is a whole patchwork of variety, some exceptional, some simply good, some meh, and some not so good.

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