How Has Pregnancy Changed Your Views on Abortion?

I recently received an email from a journalist who is seeking parents who were pro-life until they had children, and then adopted a more pro-choice stance after experiencing firsthand the costs of pregnancy, birth, and childcare. I myself identified as pro-choice before I became pregnant or had children (though pregnancy did make me more pro-choice) so I don’t fit the qualifications for this story, but I thought some of you might. If you’re interested in offering your thoughts, email Just so we have full disclosure, I don’t know anything about this journalist or about the angle the article will take. I do, however, think it sounds like an interesting topic.

While we’re on the subject, I thought I’d open the floor for discussion. If you have children, how has pregnancy, birth, and child rearing affected your position on abortion, if at all? I may put together my thoughts on this later, but don’t have time to right at the moment. Sorry! Anyway, carry on! Discuss away!

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