Michael and Debi Pearl’s Life Story on Video

I just found a video of Michael and Debi telling their life story earlier this fall. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, and don’t have time to parse through it at the moment. If anyone here wants to post in the comments what is said, or important insights, please do. For some reason, I can’t embed it (something about privacy settings), so you’ll have to click through to Vimeo to view it.

Michael & Debi Pearl: Our Life Story

I do want to make a caveat. No mocking, please. I’m not posting this to bash the Pearls, but rather in an effort to understand better where they came from, and how they came to write what they have in their books, etc. I write a lot about the Pearls, in large part because I grew up on them, and further insight into their background is helpful in understanding them and their ministry.

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