Why Venerate Mary’s Name?

When we refer to Mary as “Star of the Sea,” we recall the fact that, like the stars in the sky, her task – in fact, her very nature – is to reflect the Light. The physical stars in the sky reflect the Sun’s light. Mary reflects the Light of her Son, Jesus Christ. Read more

Pope Francis to Schoenstatt Fathers: Contemplation, Service, Fraternity – a Lesson for Us, Too

We let the Lord surprise us and open paths of grace in our life, and that healthy and necessary decentralization happens, in which we put ourselves aside, so that Christ can occupy the center of our life. ~Pope Francis to the Secular Institute of Schoenstatt Fathers Read more

Full Video of StemExpress CEO Admitting Planned Parenthood Sells Intact Aborted Babies

All the bunk about how the videos have been “carefully edited” is tiring me. It’s like the Titanic’s captain screaming at the ship went down, “They’re lying! This ship is perfectly sound!” Read more

Let ISIS Force Our Faith In, Not Out

ISIS has threatened again and again to wipe out Christianity. Our times are not unlike the times of the Early Church, when Christians were literally thrown to the lions for their beliefs. Rather than let themselves be wiped out, Christians instead became stronger. They internalized their faith and practiced in private. In that way, they kept the faith alive. Read more

St. Monica on Parenting: When do parental responsibilities end?

What would have happened if Monica, like most modern-day parents, had washed her hands of Augustine when he turned 18? Read more

Three Ways In Which I Wish I Was More Like a Man

When I get stuck in those grumpy pits, I make myself think about to the Book of Genesis, of the creation of Adam and Eve. Adam wasn’t complete without Eve, and Eve wasn’t complete without Adam. Read more

Why Do Catholics Call Mary “Queen?”

Some find the Catholic belief of honoring Mary as Queen to be peculiar, even idolatrous. Well, it could be considered peculiar, I suppose, but it’s certainly not idolatrous. Read more

Is There a Bit of Josh Duggar in All of Us?

It’s in our nature to want to appear better than we are, to hide all the tarnished spots and receive appreciation and admiration from others. Josh Duggar’s situation can and should be a wake up call. Read more

Solemnity of the Assumption: Why are there no relics of Mary?

The Tomb of Mary has been marked since Apostolic times. So, why don’t we have any of her relics? Read more

When God closes a door, does he always open a window?

If the door has been closed, it’s not necessarily so that God can give you something better along the same lines, but so the loss on the other side of the door will help you grow in holiness and lead you deeper into his Father-heart.\ Read more

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