Don’t Worry About the End of the World! The Concealed Handgun Reception Will Go On!

Hey, there’s no reason to worry about the end of the world.

While some folks are preparing for or worrying about the end of the world on May 21, the Convention & Community Center in my town of Boerne, Texas, will have business as usual.

Check it out. On May 21st there will be:

The Concealed Handgun Sanders/Lobello Reception


The Genealogical Society of Kendall County Regular Meeting.

See, nothing strange. No reason to fret about May 21st. Just be sure to remember your concealed handgun if you’re going to the Sanders/Lobello reception.

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  • Rob

    Ya gotta love Texas! 

  • Tim Thurman

     I LOVE the fact that they are having a meeting about concealed weapons at a church.  LOL.  That is awesome!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well, actually I think the church just meets in the community center. But you never know!