Accordance: Great Product! Great Service!

I want to put in a good word for Accordance Bible Software, an Oak Tree Software product. I have been a user of Accordance since it was first released in 1994. (In fact, I was a user of an earlier prototype called Gramcord, that was a DOS program.)

Accordance is a sophisticated Bible study program that enables the user to do all sorts of searches of the biblical text, as well as accessing hundreds of reference materials. The program was designed with input from serious biblical scholars, and is exceptionally powerful for academic work with the ancient biblical languages. But Accordance is also a program that just about anybody can use intuitively.

Accordance is a Mac program. That’s great news if you’re a Mac user, not so great news if you’re using Windows. (There is a program that will allow you to run Accordance on a Windows machine, however.) Oak Tree has also developed software for mobile devices.

Accordance is not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. Not only is the software excellent, but so is the support. Over the years, when I’ve had problems (like lost unlock codes), the Oak Tree people have always been most helpful. For example, I just upgraded to the newest version of Accordance. Mistakenly, I paid full price for the program, rather than a discounted upgrade fee. About an hour ago, I received a note from somebody at Oak Tree, informing me that I had overpaid. They put my overpayment in my account for the future. How many companies do you know that would voluntarily do this sort of thing?

If you are a Bible teacher, pastor, or someone who simply loves studying the Bible, I highly recommend Accordance. In fact, it’s another great reason to buy a Mac!

P.S. – I am recommending this software as a service to my blog readers. I have received no benefit from Accordance for writing this post.

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