Don’t Misread this Sign!

During a recent sojourn to New York, I noticed this sign in Terminal 3 of JFK airport. I don’t know about you, but I fear there’s a bit of ambiguity here. I’m pretty sure the sign actually means: “Pet Relief Area: go downstairs and outside of the building.” But it seems to me that someone might take the sign to say: “Pet Relief Area: Right down here on the floor.” I was glad to see that no pets had actually relieved themselves recently in this location.

At any rate, if you ever bring your beloved pet to JFK, Terminal 3, please don’t misread this sign!

  • Evan


    This reminds me of a series of jokes I heard in high school that were themed around a guy who was really, really stupid.

    How stupid was he?

    “He saw a sign that said, ‘Wet Cement.'”

    “So he did.”


  • Anonymous

    Yup. I like those adolescent kind of jokes.