You Don’t See This Headline Everyday! (I Didn’t Even Know Christ Played Basketball)

Today, as I was reading the New York Times on my Kindle, I came upon a peculiar sight. The headline read: “Christ the King 54, Nazareth 53: For Nazareth, a Loss Not Reflected in the Score.” Since I don’t follow New York high school basketball, I wasn’t quite prepared for what I read. As it turns out, Nazareth High School girls basketball team was expected to win this game, so it was an upset.

Moreover, there is a sweet, sad human interest story here. It turns out the Nazareth, the defending city and state champion, lost its coach in January. She died unexpectedly of at heart attack at the age of 38.

I did a little search on the Internet to learn more about this story, and discovered another surprising headline. I guess Jesus’ game must be getting better as he grows up.

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  • Bill Goff

    This reminds me of a sign I saw that was etched into the limestone on a wall in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem which read: “Issa is the name, basketball is the game.” (Issa is the Arabic version of Jesus).

  • Anonymous

    Did you get a photo?

  • Evan

    Well, it is not as though Nazareth did not have the opportunity to sign their home-town boy, but when “a prophet is without honor in his own town,” He will wind up with another team. He turns out to excel at coming from behind for the victory, too. I’ll bet Nazareth was stunned!

  • Anonymous

    That’s very clever!