Proof That Life Can Be Beautiful

Today, I thought I’d share a few photos I took yesterday at Laity Lodge in the Texas Hill Country. Here’s proof that life can be beautiful.

Prickly Pear flowers at Laity Lodge in Texas
Mexican Hat near Laity Lodge, Texas
Gulf Fritillary butterfly on Texas Purple Thistle flower

Any questions?

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  • Lydia Monroe

    Bringing the beauty of nature into peoples’ lives is one of the main reasons that I love being a landscape designer. 

  • markdroberts

    Yes, indeed!

  • Jenny__annlord

    Those photos really are lovely, Mark.  I’ve never seen the Prickly Pear in flower, but I’ve enjoyed eating many a prickly pear (with thanks to my lovely, but late friend, Annemarie Basson in South Africa)

  • markdroberts

    I’ve had prickly pear jelly. Quite good!

  • Marcus Goodyear

    Where are the pictures of the flash flood?

  • markdroberts

    I wish I had been there to take some.

  • Marilyn Hertel

    Loved the pictures. I lived in Littleton Colo for some years and we had a small cactus garden. When the bloomed they were beautiful. (Any other time they were a pain..literally…as when trying to pull out the weeds!! Ouch, ouch, ouch.

    Thanks for sharing, Bro Mark.

  • markdroberts

    Indeed! Cactus can be very painful. I’ve learned the hard way.