I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke

If you’re as old as I am, you might remember the 1971 advertisement featuring the song “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” It was a classic!

Well, forty-one years later, you can buy the world a coke just about anywhere. I thought I’d share a few photos from my recent trip to the Mediterranean.

A sign on the Greek island of Crete
A view from Nazareth in northern Israel
You can see the Coke cooler, just behind the Genuine Fake Watches in Ephesus, Turkey
A Coke Zero can in Jerusalem

Say, since I was drinking Coke Zero, Mayor Bloomberg would approve. I could order a 64 ounce cup of that stuff without guilt or fear of arrest.

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  • Steve Wright

    Way to go Bloomberg! The wording of the legislation (if it ever passes) matters less than the fact that he had the courage to raise an important health issue. I remember the song too but the world would be better off if we dared to make healthy food choices. Coke is anything but that. 

    Cool pictures!

  • markdroberts

    Steve: I’m no big fan of unhealthy food and drink (though I certainly like to consume them). But aren’t you a little worried about the implications of government stepping in this way? Or do you think this is the proper role of government?

  • http://thehighcalling.org/ Marcus Goodyear

    Mark, if you are a fan of that classic commercial, you need to see the recent update they did via social media. You can watch a short 10 minute film about the original commercial and the 2012 social media update here:

    And here is a link to a sample video of what happens when people send a free coke with the Youtube ad:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX8bgaHpIW0